A Young Mayor's Plan to Retain Tech Talent and 'Rev' Local Startup Activity

Leading tech metros like Boston and New York City have plenty of top colleges feeding its booming startup hubs with fresh ideas and talent. For instance, the vibrant Cambridge Innovation Center sits right across the street from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

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Mayor Svante Myrick of Ithaca, N.Y. can proudly count Cornell University and Ithaca College in its arsenal of resources to boost the upstate city's emerging tech ecosystem. He says such collaborations and downtown redevelopment projects are propelling job creation in a region that needs revival. "Out of 52 counties in New York state, we now have the lowest unemployment rate," the mayor says.

But as the leader of a smaller city, he wants to make sure that all the startup energy isn't confined within campuses and isn't exclusive to students. That's why he recently advocated for the city’s new incubator, Rev, be built in the heart of downtown to engage town locals and benefit neighboring businesses.

In this Google Hangout, the 27 year-old mayor discusses other initiatives the city is taking to attract talent and encourage higher levels of entrepreneurship in Ithaca. 

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