Richard Branson's No. 1 Success Secret: Looking for the Best in Others (VIDEO)

The entrepreneurial journey is one that is often thought to require an unflinching sense of self-determination, a ruthless resolve and egoism in bounds. But, says billionaire Richard Branson in a new interview on the Spartan Up! Podcast, a magnanimous ability to see the best in other people has been the biggest key to his success.

“I’ve found that just by hopefully never falling out with anybody, life’s that much more enjoyable and special,” Branson says. “And as a leader, it’s even more critical to be out there motivating, praising and inspiring.”

Looking at the world through this lens has served him well. For instance, in its early days, Virgin Airlines sued British Airways for resorting to nasty competitive tactics, and won a monumental settlement. “After we won the court case, I made a point of ringing the chairman of British Airways and inviting him out to lunch and saying, ‘Let’s shake hands,” Branson recounts. “We put a bad moment behind us and it was definitely the right thing to do. And I find that people who take that attitude are that much happier for it.”

For more wisdom from Branson, including the morning routine he swears keeps him young, how his mother shaped him into the entrepreneur he is today and why “people who push themselves beyond the limits get much more out of life,” check out the fascinating conversation from Necker Island in full right here.

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