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A Look at Tesla's New SUV -- Weekly News

Looking to keep on top of the latest headlines in small business, innovation and tech? Check out our Weekly News recaps posted every Friday morning -- a quick summary designed to keep you current. 

A special Uber service using unlicensed drivers is facing challenges. CNBC reports that Danish police raided the ride-hailing company's office in Amsterdam, where the service is banned. More legal and political battles emerged in Paris and London. 

Meanwhile, Apple hit record sales for its latest iPhone 6s and 6s Pluses, which sold 13 million in its first weekend on the market, beating Wall Street expectations.

And Tesla's new SUV is targeting a new market: soccer moms and dads. Founder Elon Musk unveiled the Model X this week, boasting its 7-seat-capacity and ability to pull heavy trailers. The falcon-winged, electric vehicle costs $132,000. 

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