Limor Fried of Adafruit: Your Cause Should Be the Engine That Drives Your Company Forward

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“Daddy, are there any boy engineers?”

That’s a question that a little girl asked her father after watching a video tutorial that Limor Fried, the founder and CEO of Adafruit, hosts every Wednesday. “Because all I see on this show are women engineers doing awesome stuff,” the little girl said to her father. The father, a customer of Adafruit, emailed the anecdote to Fried and the staff at Adafruit.

It's a monumental moment like this that fuels Fried. She wants her engineering-kits manufacturing company, Adafruit, to inspire individuals all over the world to become makers who see engineering as fun. It’s her purpose and her company’s cause. It’s what keeps every single one of her employees heading in the same direction, together.

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“On a day-to-day basis, that makes the management so easy because we all have something we are going towards this cause of teaching people engineering,” Fried said during an interview at the Entrepreneur 360 conference in New York City. And it’s what has pushed her to grow the company from a dorm-room project to a company with more than 80 employees expecting to do $40 million in sales in 2015.  

Any decision you make as a CEO should come down to one question, Fried says: Does it bring your company closer to its cause?

To hear more from Fried about why it’s important for your company to have a clearly defined purpose, watch the video above.

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