Check Your Ego at the Door and Keep Meetings to 15 Minutes

Ever feel like you've lost a workday to meeting hell?

Limor Fried, the CEO and founder of Adafruit, says she works to keep meetings short and sweet. Each meeting attendee gets an email with an agenda to give them time to think about solutions to whatever problem is being addressed. At the meeting, each person presents his or her ideas and the team collectively decides which solution is the best.

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Adafruit's key to keeping meetings short is that it has a culture of ego-less decision-making, Fried says during an interview at the Entrepreneur 360 conference in New York City.

Fried launched the engineering kit manufacturing company in 2005 out of her dorm room at MIT. The company now operates out of a 50,000 square-foot factory in lower Manhattan and is on track to do $40 million in sales. She has grown the profitable company without taking on any debt, loans or venture capital.

For more tips on how this pink-haired lady boss keeps meetings to 15 minutes, watch the video above.

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