Strategies That Help This Transportation Startup Stay Distinct

Apps such as Uber and Lyft may have disrupted transportation by offering on-demand rides at competitive prices. But the trend has paved the way for new opportunities, says Richard Fertig, founder of Brilliant Transportation.

“As people move toward the less expensive, less premium services,” says Fertig, “it also creates another void that we’re filling on the high end.”

He adds that while the current market is focused on discounts and volume, Brilliant’s jet-black, luxury vans can cater to the personalized needs of travelers on the road, whether it’s to chauffeur a large party for a weekend-long platinum wedding, or to shuttle executives seeking privacy, wi-fi connectivity and specific catering during a regional business trip.

In this short video, Fertig reveal how personalization plays an important role in helping his transportation company stand apart.

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