The Important Reason This Founder Keeps a Jar of Teriyaki Pepper Spread in His Office

Daniel Lubetzky keeps a jar of sweet and spicy teriyaki pepper spread in his office. It’s to remind him to stay obsessed with excellence -- a lesson he learned the hard way.

Before he founded the popular fruit-and-nut bar company KIND Healthy Snacks, Lubetzky launched PeaceWorks, a company that brought Middle Easterners from war-torn countries together to make natural Mediterranean spreads.

Growth was slow in the beginning, but when PeaceWorks started to pick up momentum, Lubetzky got greedy. He wanted to introduce more and more spreads as fast as possible. Eventually, to keep expanding, the PeaceWorks team started creating flavors that were so adventurous their deliciousness was highly questionable.

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The flavor that made Lubetzky realize the mess he had created: a gelatinous, unappetizing sweet and spicy teriyaki pepper spread.

Until that point, Lubetzky figured that if customers tried the experimental flavor and didn’t like it, they would just go back to the flavor that they did like. What he learned is that you don’t get a do-over with a customer. Once they are disappointed, they are never coming back.

“You need to take every single interaction with every single consumer, every single time, as if it is the entire world. It means the world. Because it really does,” he said during an interview at the Entrepreneur 360 conference in New York City this past fall.

To hear more from the founder of KIND on what it means to build a brand that consumers trust, watch the video above.

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