How This Multimillion-Dollar Startup Markets Without Spending a Dime

Despite never spending "a dime on marketing or advertising,” OrigAudio is now a multimillion-dollar company, says its co-founder.

“It’s all organic and grassroots,” says Jason Lucash, co-founder of the consumer audio company.

Initially, the company’s growth was spurred by an appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank, but Lucash says social media has been just as important in the company’s development.

For starters, building an engaged audience on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other channels doesn’t have to be expensive, and the effort can be incredibly lucrative. Lucash taps into OrigAudio’s social community to perform free market research -- he frequently browses Instagram to see what people are saying about OrigAudio products -- and crowdsources ideas for new product offerings.

The company’s passionate followers also serve “as our best customers and our best marketing arm … and we don’t pay them,” he says.

To learn more about Lucash’s grassroots approach to social-media marketing, including why he maintains an active personal Twitter account, watch the above video.

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