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What's Better -- Building a Personal or Business Brand? Or Both?

To build a personal brand or corporate brand -- or both? When you're starting out in digital marketing, that truly is the question. 

Like many entrepreneurs, it's a question that content-marketing expert Salma Jafri has struggled with during her quest to build the best online brand possible. 

"On the one hand, you're thinking that a personal brand is going to give you expert status and get your name recognized," she says. "On the other hand, you're thinking that having a corporate brand is going to give you more of a professional outlook and is going to lend you credibility and help you build more trust with your audience... But I'm afraid there isn't any easy answer."

In her five factors regarding this dilemma, Jafri says to remember that your brand (or brands) are always evolving, and that you have to define what you want to be known as -- and what exactly it is that you're selling. What online assets do you already have that you want to leverage? And can you keep up with the work of maintaining two brands?

Watch the video for more information. '

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