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Entrepreneurs Can Learn a Lot From 'The Little Red Hen'

The Little Red Hen -- you know the story from the popular children's book. The hard-working and dedicated hen has decided to make some bread from scratch and goes around his neighborhood, knocking on the doors of his pals the mouse, the cat, the dog and others looking for some assistance. But nobody wants to help the poor guy -- in the end, he's on his own. 

But he still manages to get the job done. And that, according to Entrepreneur Network partner Matt Dubiel, is only one important takeaway from the classic tale. 

"You can go and take a seminar, but you can also know that these messages are right in front of us," says the marketing expert.

Of course, at the end of the book, after the little red hen finally makes his bread, those who denied him help want to eat the bread -- for free. So what does the little red hen do -- and what can you learn from his actions? Watch the video and find out. 

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