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How Lewis Howes Turned a Football Injury Into the School of Greatness

Entrepreneur Network partner Emily Richett interviews former professional football player-turned-entrepreneur Lewis Howes to talk about how he overcame a major setback in his professional career to create a multi-million dollar company focused on education and supporting small-business owners.

A successful college football player, Howes went on to play professional arena football but broke his wrist after only two games. Surgery ended his football career, but in 2012 he moved to New York City to play team handball. Since then, he's been at the helm of several multimillion-dollar sports-oriented online businesses, he's written several motivational books, and he now hosts The School of Greatness, a talk show distributed as a podcast.

In this video, Howes says he hopes that he can inspire people to make money doing what they love no matter what the job.