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Richard Branson Explains Business Brilliance From His Self-Made Tropical Paradise

After swimming 10 miles with a shark (a friendly shark) following him at the end, Entrepreneur Network partner Joe De Sena, founder and CEO of Reebok Spartan Race and the voice of the Spartan UP! podcast, sits down with entrepreneurial icon Richard Branson at his one-of-a-kind estate on Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands to discuss how Branson defies conventional wisdom on success. 

With Virgin Airlines, he started a thriving airline literally in an afternoon. With Virgin Cola, he took one of the most successful companies of all time head on and almost won. With Necker Island, he acquired the island first believing that the money to develop it would show up eventually -- and it did.

"I think most of the best entrepreneurial ideas come out of frustration," Branson says. "If you're frustrated about something, the best way of sorting it out is to get out and do it -- and you've got yourself a business." 

Watch the video for more brilliance from Branson at his self-made tropical paradise.

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