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Skateboarding Legend Tony Hawk Says He Spread Himself Too Thin Early in His Entrepreneurial Career

In this episode of Behind the Brand, a show for entrepreneurs, startups and those who choose to dare greatly, host Bryan Elliott talks with skateboarding legend-turned highly successful businessman Tony Hawk, still connecting with his youthful audience well into his 40s with a skateboard company, a clothing line at Kohl's and a popular video game. 

Here, Hawk talks about how he spread himself too thin early in his career as an entrepreneur, still skating but also trying to do advertising, marketing and everything else himself in his businesses. 

"I think I learned back then, you know, you're not the best artist, you're not the best ad layout guy, you're not the best video person -- you should leave that to the people who are actually really good at it," he says. 

Hawk is also the author of How Did I Get Here: The Ascent of an Unlikely CEO.

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