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Learn the Magic Formula of Podcasting From Old-School Radio Giants Like Rush Limbaugh

Entrepreneur Network partner and marketing expert Matt Dubiel is a radio guy. He is the owner of WCKG Chicago and a national radio syndicator -- and therefore an expert on podcasting, something that can be a real gold mine for entrepreneurs if they just know how to work it.

In this video from his home studio, Dubiel shares some best practices for optimizing your podcast and positioning it for radio. He says that with over 13,000 radio stations out there and with most shows that are syndicating about to disappear forever, backyard podcasters now have a huge opportunity to get their shows broadcast locally and nationally and create a very big following. 

"With podcasting, we have a whole community that really doesn't format their audio in a way that's been done for hundreds of years," he says. "Radio people know how to create content, they know how to deliver it, and they know how to make it so that people want to listen over and over again."

Dubiel walks you through highly effective formulas for shows used by the likes of Fox Sports and Rush Limbaugh -- whether you like his politics or not. 

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