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The Ladies Behind First Seating Have Cooked Up a Recipe -- and Actual Food -- to Improve Corporate Communication

Good communication is key to achieving success in life and in business, and finding ways to improve how you communicate with people you work with and for is paramount. 

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner and advice guru Jennifer Hacker of the website Toast Meets Jam describes how a new company called First Seating is taking a new -- yet very old -- approach to the traditional brainstorming meeting: They host creative workshops to help companies tackle important strategic challenges held over a family-style meal.

"They recognize that the most important conversations we have in life tend to happen over a good meal," she says. "They had a hunch that taking the same approach to team meetings would lead to better, more open and effective communication -- and guess what? They were right."

Find out why their home-cooked strategy works so well by watching the video. 

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