Ryan Marquis Banked on Plastc, a New Digital Credit Card, and Made $5 Million in 7 Days

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Back in 2011, after buying a fruit smoothie and noticing a Google Wallet icon on the cash register, serial entrepreneur Ryan Marquis realized that there was a significant shift happening in the retail world from physical credit cards to digital payments. His began to visualize what digital payments could look like, and within a short time, he launched Plastc. 

According to Marquis, the Plastc Card device is the most intelligently designed, full-featured, and secure payment device on the market. In conjunction with the Plastc Wallet app, the Plastc Card can store credit, debit, gift, loyalty, membership, and even key cards on a single device. Each Plastc Card is equipped with a secure PIN lock, proximity alerts, and a unique "Return Me" mode, making it more secure than both traditional credit cards and other payment technologies.

Image Credit: Plastc

In this Behind the Brand video interview, Marquis talks about the work it takes to run a successful tech start up like Plastc, including the importance of delivering on promises and how his self-starter marketing campaign made his new company over $5 million within the first seven days. 

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