Global Rescue CEO Says His Team Spends Most of the Time Saving People From Themselves

Dan Richards, Global Rescue CEO, tells Spartan UP! that there’s a fine line between pushing through adversity and putting yourself in unreasonable peril.

His team at Global Rescue, the only fully integrated provider of medical, security, intelligence and communication in the world, rescues those who walk that line then somehow slip -- any place on Earth. 

"We're very much in the business of saving people from themselves," he says. "What people most frequently do is they underestimate the severity of the environment that they're entering."

Other takeaways include: 

  • You need to correctly calibrate your perception of risk to the environment you're entering and not just try to push through adversity.
  • The law of numbers will catch up with you, so scout out risks beforehand by analyzing the situation.

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