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Brian Solis Tells 'Behind the Brand' What Happens When Customer Experience Meets Design

In this Behind the Brand video interview, noted digital analyst, speaker and author Brian Solis talks about his new book, X: The Experience When Business Meets Design, and how hard it still is to define what experience design really is. He said it took him four years to put the book together, because the phrase "customer experience" is all over the map -- it can mean 10 different things to everyone in each organization.

"But here's what it is in it's essence -- it is an emotional reaction to something," he says. 

Are you looking to be comfortable? Then you'll buy one brand of shoes. If you're looking to run fast, you'll buy another. Solis also describes how big companies like Nike and Disney are "very experiential brands."

Watch and learn more from this popular host of the Pivot Conference and frequent interviewer of celebrities at Austin's SXSW festival

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