Being Authentic Is Not About Being a Selfie-Obsessed Monster Who Tweets Every Second of Every Day

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Authenticity might be the buzzword of the year, but some people definitely go overboard in the desire to be authentic. They start to over-share.

"A typical example of this might be somebody who tweets about their breakfast -- 'Oh here's what I had, and here's me taking a shower!' But over-sharing is not really being authentic," says content-marketing expert Salma Jafri.

In this video, Jafri gives tips on how to be authentic without being a "selfie-obsessed monster" who needs to post every second of every day on social media. She says that true authenticity is about how you present yourself as a whole. It's about making real connections and being likeable and vulnerable by giving an insider's perspective about your business. So how do you do that? 

  • Realize that authenticity is the opposite of perfection.
  • Stay relevant. 
  • Get permission before sharing.
  • Don't go on a rant -- unless you have a takeaway of sorts. 

Click play to learn more about the power of real authenticity. 

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