3 No-Brainer Reasons Why I'm Going More Green -- and Why You Should Too

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There has been a lot of talk about climate change and global warming. But no matter which side of the debate you're on, we can all agree that trying harder to go green is a good thing to do.

Here are three no-brainer reasons why I'm trying to be more green:

1. We live in a digital world.

When was the last time you sent or received a fax? How often do you print out presentations? I travel a lot, and it's impossible to be expected to print out anything, especially paperwork or documents to sign in meetings. 

According to a study by MinusOneProject, we waste 115 billion sheets of paper each year on printouts. I switched over to electronic signature software like eSignLive to send documents via my mobile phone when I'm on the go -- because it saves time, money and trees! 

I've also tried the Epson Eco tank printer and love it, because you don't have to replace the ink for over a year, and this uses less plastic. Using less paper and other waste means saving trees, forests and the burden on landfills, so this is a no-brainer. 

2. Air pollution is killing us.

I live in Southern California where the automobile emission laws are strict. But I still see a thick layer of brown smog when I drive into downtown Los Angeles. According to a study by Globocan, 1.4 million people each year die from lung cancer, and 16 percent of that figure is attributable to air pollution. I've been trying to walk, ride my bike or electric skateboard more to be part of the solution.

3. I want to see cleaner beaches and oceans.

Stats show that we dump 14 billion pounds of plastic into the ocean each year. I highly recommend watching Boyan Slat's TED Talk video on how he plans to clean things up. I've tried to "ban the bag" and replace plastic with fabric when I get groceries and occasionally volunteer to clean up our local beaches on the weekend.

How are you going green? Have you tried composting? Do you recycle? Tweet me @BryanElliott. 

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