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How to Write Cold Emails a Lot Better Than You Do Right Now

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Entrepreneur Network partner Alex Berman is a Chicago-based expert on business-to-business (B2B) sales, startups, entrepreneurship, digital nomad life and interviews with top business people.

In this video, the chief marketing sumo from Inspirebeats shows you how to do so much more with what-should-never-be-just-a-random cold email.


Subject: Dom & Tom & Perfect Search

Hi Alex,
We're a search and social-ad agency in Chicago, and we work with a lot of remarkable companies like yours, including 7 VC backed startups in Chicago. We also have clients in NYC such as Columbia University and NY Film Academy.

We've built a technology that increases traffic / conversions and decreases acquisition cost through sophisticated long-tail keyword strategies. Q1 is an ideal time to talk about digital marketing and I'd really like to connect on a phone call. Does next Thursday at noon work? Could you let me know a good time on Calendly?


Subject: Dom & Tom and Perfect Search

Hi Alex,

Came across Dom & Tom and love the branding -- awesome robot logo, and congrats on working with Power Rangers!

We're a search and social-ad agency in Chicago, and we work with agency partners like the Code + Design Academy and dozens of others in both NYC and Chicago.

Q1 is an ideal time to talk about digital marketing, and I'd really like to connect on a call to introduce ourselves as an agency, and explore potential partnership opportunities. 

Does that sound interesting? Let me know and I can send over a few times!


Check out more from Alex Berman at Inspire Beats if you need more leads for your SaaS startup or agency.

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Brought to you by Entrepreneur Network

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