Spiritual Leader Featured in 'The Secret' Says Peace Will Help You Tap Into Your Personal Power

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In this video, Joel Brown of Addicted2Success talks to Michael Bernard Beckwith, a New Thought minister, author and founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center in California, about how people can tap into the height of their personal powers through peace and self-awareness.

Beckwith, who was featured in the  2006 New Thought film The Secret, says that his own secret to success is a strong sense of peace.

"Quite recently, I awoke in a lucid dream, and my entire being was emanating with a sense of peace, and the peace was really real," he says. "I teach that peace is the dynamic of harmonizing good -- it's not the absence of conflict. It's actually a quality that's radiating. In my mind, I'm always saying the word peace over and over again anyway -- so here, it clicked into another level."

Beckwith says that this "living peace" that is a part of him helps bring others to a higher level of success when he is in certain environments -- "and that's totally amazing for me, personally."

So how do we use that peace to tap into our own personal power?

"First of all, we have to be aware that we have gifts and talents -- no one is left without it. The gifts are a part of us -- if we don't set them free, they will create disturbances, issues of the body and issues of the mind. The gifts want to be expressed. They're dynamic. We have to ask the universe -- what is the main gift that I have to share?"

"What keeps you in bliss is the activation and expression of your potential."

Click play to learn more about reclaiming your personal power with this noted spiritual leader. 

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