Failure:Lab Is a Unique Theatrical Platform Presenting a Deeper Understanding of Failing

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If you're an entrepreneur, you're likely no stranger to the concept of failure.

In this video, news anchor-turned-business and lifestyle consultant Emily Richett talks to Jonathan Williams, the co-founder of west Michigan-based Failure:Lab, about turning lessons learned from failure into business opportunities. 

What exactly is Failure:Lab? According to Williams, it's a corporate event company designed to help professionals eliminate the fear of failure and encourage intelligent risk-taking.

"We push back on the fear and stigma of failure through vulnerable storytelling events through a really unique corporate curriculum," he says. 

Audiences at Failure:Lab events experience a dimly lit stage usually with six presenters -- successful community leaders -- who have 10 minutes to open up about a vulnerable time in their lives. 

"They share the struggle," Williams says. "And our magic ingredient is that they can't share a lesson or justify or blame-shift. They have to leave the audience with a cliffhanger. They reason we do that is so the audience is invited into the story afterward."

He adds that all of that audience reaction is crowdsourced and published online, allowing for a deeper understanding of the process successful people go through instead of leaving a story of failure with only five bullet points of lessons learned. 

Watch the video for more insights on this unique theatrical platform. 

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