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This Recruiting Company Knows You're Only as Strong as Your Weakest Employee

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LaSalle Network is a professional staffing and recruiting services provider.

In this video, founder and CEO Tom Gimbel discusses the importance of hiring good people and keeping those good people in even better spirits. He notes, "we're only as good as the recruiters and the team that we assemble." To keep this team at its maximum efficiency, Gimbel says that they aim to maintain internal culture, motivate employees and set the right career path for people internally. 

In order to ensure that their team is made up of the optimal people, they abide by the mantra "long to hire, quick to fire." This means that they engage in a multi-step process in hiring, but do not hesitate to fire if they observe that someone is not creating value for the company.

Click play to hear Gimbel's personal motivational secrets and more.


Brought to you by BizCast