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The Ability to Understand People Is Business at its Core

Brought to you by BizCast

"The more you can bring your empathy, the more you can bring your ability to get out of your head and into somebody else's, the more the world makes sense to you, even the things that seem scary and strange."

This is the wisdom Larry Keeley, president and co-founder of Doblin Group, lives by. Although it may not directly translate to business, the ability to understand people is business at its core. Customers, co-workers, superiors, partners and employees are all people, and understanding them will be an invaluable asset to your everyday interactions as well as long-term decisions.

Additionally, Keeley advises entrepreneurs to assume problems have already been deeply explored by others. Therefore, to create a business that solves a problem uniquely, try to define the problem differently. 

Watch the rest of this interview for the other tips and insights Keeley has to share.

Brought to you by BizCast