Here's How Mini Cooper Is Backing Entrepreneurs

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Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely and gut-wrenching journey. You have limited money and resources. You fail and face rejection daily. No one cares about your whining when things, especially timing, don’t work out in your favor. No one is putting a paycheck into your bank account every two weeks. You may not have health benefits. The list goes on...

What entrepreneurs usually lack and need most is support. Enter Mini.

Urban-X is a new accelerator from the people behind Mini and HAX Futures. It’s not your typical incubator, as its mission is to invest in and accelerate startups that are, according to its website, “focused on intelligent cities, urban hyper-growth and society-scale challenges.”

Mini is fit for this role -- its cars are the perfect size for urban streets and tight parking spots. 

While Silicon Valley rewards whiz kids and the newest, almost immediately irrelevant technology, Urban-X and Mini select companies based on a number of criteria ranging from social impact to safety and security. The accelerator's perks include access to an attractive office space and maker facilities in New York, opportunities to visit and work at HAX's facilities in Shenzhen and Mini's operations in Munich, a $60,000 seed capital investment and more.

Mini is not the first automotive brand to see opportunities and go after entrepreneurs, but it's taking a grassroots approach. Play this week's episode of Behind the Brand above to learn more.

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