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How to Form a 'Mastermind' by Sharing Ideas

To improve your business, learn from those around you.

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partners Chris Haddon and Jason Balin discuss the power of forming a mastermind and how it can benefit you and your business.

A "mastermind" forms when people get together to share ideas, best practices, strategies and more in an effort to simply help one another. The term was originally coined from Napoleon Hill's famous business book Think and Grow Rich. Hill discovered that the most successful people have one thing in common: They get together to share their knowledge.

Today, attending a mastermind is vital to success. You can join a mastermind within your industry or get an outsider's perspective. You can pay to attend one, or if you have a large enough following, you can plan and execute your own.

To learn more about the power of a mastermind, click play.

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