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For This Successful Entrepreneur, Family Always Comes First

Take a moment to thank the people around you.

On this episode of Leaders Create Leaders, Entrepreneur Network partner Gerard Adams discusses the importance of family and giving back.

From paying off his parent's mortgage to surprising his little sister with her dream car, it's the moments that Adams has given back to his family that have been the most fulfilling in his entire life. 

In this video, Adams surprises his mom for her birthday with a thoughtful gift, explaining how much she means to him. He asks his mother her advice for others out there and she says, "Think positive, anything is possible."

Adams shares a story about a tragic fire that his mother experienced when she was younger, causing her family to lose everything. To help support her family, his mother dropped out of high school and began working. Whenever Adams feels down, he thinks about his mom and all of her hard work

It's important to take the time to thank the people in your life that have always supported you. Putting the desires of others before your own is the most fulfilling thing in the world, Adams says. 

To learn more, click play. 

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