Magic Johnson's Secrets for Business Success

The basketball legend discusses the best and worst business advice he's ever received.
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You might know Magic Johnson from his esteemed basketball career in the NBA with the Los Angeles Lakers. But, since then, Johnson has been able to successfully bridge the gap between athletics, business and philanthropy like a champion. It has not been an easy road for Johnson by any means. Many people doubted, including friends, family and the business world, whether he could make the jump beyond sports and suggested he "stick to basketball." 

But, his work ethic, passion and vision for new business ventures, especially those that have a major positive impact on local communities, helped him persevere. Johnson has navigated Wall St. and Main St. like a pro and even partnered with people like Howard Schultz of Starbucks to pioneer localized coffee shops with sweet potato pie and smooth R&B music in urban cities. You can check out more of Johnson's projects here

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