From e-Retail to Cloud Services: Amazon is on Overdrive to Beat Flipkart

"You name a sector, and it is driven by cloud-based platforms as this is the future of business."

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Former Correspondent, Entrepreneur Asia Pacific
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As India is presently going through a technology shift, businesses have no options left but to embrace digitization. Identifying the need for cloud services, e-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart are battling it out to make the most of the opportunities in the Indian market.

India's biggest e-commerce retailer Flipkart has signed a deal with IT giant Microsoft to provide cloud services and Amazon is already claiming to be a pioneer in the space.

To know more about what drove Amazon into the cloud space, we caught up with Bikram Singh Bedi, Head  of Amazon India Web Services, who talked about how cloud computing has become a norm in India with companies discussing ways to move to cloud.

After running an e-commerce platform for about 10+ years, what prompted Amazon to enter into the cloud space? Bedi said, "We realized that Amazon has built the capability to run these large-scale infrastructures across the globe. So, we thought that if we can do it for ourselves then why not for others. This is how we started offering cloud services to developers, businesses and enterprises, globally as well as in India."

Terming it a business strategy, Bedi said Amazon Web Services (AWS) has partnered with all accelerators and incubators, including Government of India's start-up schemes.

Speaking about the importance of cloud services in India, Bedi said India is a significant market for Amazon as the entire start-up ecosystem here is cloud driven. He said, "You name a sector, and it is driven by cloud-based platforms as this is the future of business."

Watch out his full interview to know how Amazon has built its own ecosystem in Indian cloud services market and what are its future endeavors.

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