Businesses in India Should Get Ready To Hire Their Manual Labour From LinkedIn Says Co-founder Allen Blue

"It is the customers who will take LinkedIn into small neighborhood if they feel they find value"

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Former Associate Editor, Entrepreneur India
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LinkedIn, Microsoft-owned employment-oriented social networking service, is no new name worldwide. But for India where majority of jobs are blue-collared, world’s largest professional network is just making its entry.

At the launch of its partnership with Indian government-led vocational training company IL&FS Skills, one of the co-founders & the VP of Product Strategy Allen Blue spoke to Entrepreneur India about the company’s India strategy.

Blue said in India, it is the customers who will take LinkedIn into small businesses & small neighborhood if they feel they find value or they feel they can grow their business significantly.

He believes LinkedIn needs to concentrate on how all customers can solve their business problems via his networking site.

Calling India an amazingly lucrative market, Blue said India’s economic growth will make a huge difference to any company present here.

“India is a place where many companies are racing on to the stage together and we want to be here to help individuals and firms reach their goals,” Blue said.

LinkedIn & Startups

While LinkedIn is glocalizing to meet Indian consumers’ needs, it will not shy away from partnering with interesting startups in India hinted Blue.

He believes partnering LinkedIn’s global network with Indian partners is something the company will look into.

Blue also had a few tips for startups.

  1. I recommend The Lean Startup model especially for internet companies. Fundamental idea is to First you get your product marketed and then look at ways to scale your product. The key is to hire people who can help you do that.
  2. When you are trying to hire the right people, hiring from your network is crucial.

While we are waiting to experiment with LinkedIn in Hindi, we also have our eyes peeled on who will partner with the global giant. Any guesses?

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