New York Times Bestselling Author David Allen Reveals How Can Entrepreneurs Avoid Stress

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Are you struggling to achieve your targets for the day or feel you’re lagging behind in the race with other competitors?  Be it employees or employers, every professional aims to be on the top of their game without having to deal with pressure, stress or late nights at work. 

Apparently, just singing to-do-blues every morning is not going to help you achieve an efficient productivity level, so what could, is the pertinent question?

This New York Times bestselling author has all the answers to your questions on how to train your brain to achieve and get what you really want.  

Meet David Allen, a renowned productivity consultant, who is well-known for writing the book ‘Getting Things Done’, which became a global phenomenon called ‘GTD methodology’ to attain stress-free productivity. Allen’s book was hailed as ‘the definitive business self-help book of the decade’ by TIME magazine and has received recognition from the business community world over. The 71-year-old says that until his 30s he wanted to become the president of the United States and then he decided to start his own venture.

Allen experimented with 35 professions before the age of 35, which included magician, waiter, karate teacher, landscaper, vitamin distributor, and much more than you can even think of, in a quest to figure out what he actually wants to do in his life.

While helping friends in improving their lives by counseling them on productivity, Allen thought about how he could turn the same into a career thus changing around his own fate. Since then, there has been no looking back for him. Allen embarked on his own entrepreneurial journey and founded a training and consulting organization called ‘David Allen Company’.

Spending over thousands of hours on coaching and implementing some of the brightest minds of the world, Allen formulated a defined and tested methodology, which could help professionals build mental skills that they need in today's age of multitasking and overload. Today, David Allen Company is providing its services in 60 countries helping professionals and entrepreneurs, worldwide.

In an exclusive interview with Entrepreneur India, David shared the secret to how entrepreneurs can effectively avoid stress and leverage their time for creative ideas.  

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