This Career Expert Says 'NO' to Dropping Out of School to Become Entrepreneurs

Dr. David Reile maintains that it is not a good idea for for early age entrepreneurs to drop out of schools and colleges

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Former Correspondent, Entrepreneur Asia Pacific
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The many examples of entrepreneurs who dropped out of schools and colleges only to become household names have put students around the world in a state of confusion.

As much as it is important for a teenpreneur to complete education, it’s also important to take the call as to when should he/ she devote to entrepreneurship full-time. Confused between the two, many students often write to us asking about the right time to start up. Should they or should they not drop out to embark on their entrepreneurial journey is one question that bugs the young minds more often than not. 

While some students think dropping out to start up is a lot less risky today than it used to be earlier since the environment today is more conducive for new age ventures and the start-up ecosystem supportive of those with a potent idea, others are of the opinion that one should complete studies first come what may.

Entrepreneur India talked to the renowned career expert, Dr. David Reile, who is the Executive Coach of Career Development Alliance, USA to know his expert view on dropping out to start up and what are his suggestions for early age entrepreneurs.  

Sharing his holistic view on it, Reile asserted, “I don’t believe that “dropping out” of school is usually a good decision.  It is almost never a good idea for those in secondary school, and very rarely works for those in University.”

While Reile also talked about the much-emphasized examples of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg when it comes to successful college dropout entrepreneurs, he revealed that there are millions who are living at home and working minimal jobs because they left school and have nothing better available. 

Check out the full video uploaded above to know his expert suggestions if you’re planning to drop out.

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