Brand Ambassadors v/s Influencers: Who Should You Pick for Brand's Marketing?

Three-times Asia-Pacific Cup rally champion Gaurav Gill spoke about why is it relevant to have brand ambassadors over influencers for the brand's marketing

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One of the biggest confusions with the brands today is which type of marketing they should go for – Influencer or Brand Ambassadors.

While the influencer marketing has garnered likes of over 2 million brands, the traditional technique of having celebs, professional athletes on board as brand ambassadors is still prevalent in the market with high stakes.

Entrepreneur India caught up with the three times Asia-Pacific Cup rally champion Gaurav Gill who spoke about why is it relevant to have brand ambassadors over influencers for the brand’s marketing.

As a sports celeb do you see any threat from the influencers?

I think it is very important to understand where a person or celebrity can fit for the brand before jumping into conclusions. I think influencers may have their own priorities but the sportsman will always follow one path and that’s to have success in their own field. So I feel this is the question where marketing heads are going to decide but I would feel that people who are destined to do what they are doing in the right way should be looked into the market first.

What parameters one should opt to be a brand ambassador of any company?

I come from the auto industry so it's natural for me to go for Auto industry but also to see sporting side of it which should fit my personality and career, the way its been and going forward. For example, I cannot be the brand ambassador for a soccer ball or bat because it doesn’t makes sense to me at all rather be a brand ambassador for an oil or petroleum company or an automotive industry. So that’s how I would choose and I would imagine that all the other people would choose that way.

Check out the video to know more about how you should select a brand to endorse and how can it benefit you as an ambassador.

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