An ATM Machine That Pushes out 'Laddoos' is Possible Only in India

Celebrating the vibrant festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, a Pune resident has invented a unique ATM that gives away modaks instead of cash

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Every nook and corner of India is filled with a variety of individuals coming from different backgrounds but all share the trait of outspreading happiness and joy. The opportunity gets multiplied every few days as one or the other festival comes knocking on our doors to fill our hearts with vibrant butterflies ready to explode.

Among the many festivals, one that the nation is currently celebrating marks the birth of almighty Ganesha. The 10-day festival, Vinayaka Chaturthi or Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated across the nation with much pomp and show. In the past years, worshippers have come up with many innovative ideas to celebrate the occasion whole-heartedly.

In a bid to make the festival more eco-friendly, worshippers install green Ganpati idols at their homes among other efforts. However, one element that makes the festival even more special is the sweet modaks, the mouth-watering delicacy, to devour which people wait for an entire year.

Modak Machine

Now imagine if you could access them at any time. You know, like an ATM, where you swipe your debit card and withdraw the cash. Well, a Pune resident named Sanjiv Kulkarni has created a Modal vending ATM, which he calls Any Time Modak machine. The ATM was installed in Pune's Sahakar Nagar on Ganesh Chaturthi.

Being a former mechanical engineer, Kulkarni has attempted to bring culture and technology together with the machine. Like a regular ATM, this innovative vending machine also requires the modak seekers to swipe a special card and select a button. Interestingly, each button denotes distinctive emotions with which worshippers pray to Lord Ganesha.

The buttons read 'kshama' (forgiveness), 'daan' (charity), 'prem' (love), 'shanti' (peace), 'bhakti' (devotion), 'sadachaar' (righteousness) and 'bhavna' (feeling). Upon selecting one of the given options, devotees can avail the ‘prasad’ as Kulkarni told News Wire ANI. Ever since being installed, the unique machine has become a point of attraction.

Festival as Motivator

Indian festivals have always acted as a motivator for innovative thinkers for putting their hidden skills to use. Last year near Diwali, three Indians - Shashi Ranjan, a scientist from the National University of Singapore, Debayan Saha, a post-graduate from IIT Kharagpur, and Harsh Sheth, a doctor invented a nasal device.

Keeping the number of pollutants that enter the atmosphere during the festive season, the three vigilant Indians created a device to capture pollutants and clear the air. There are many more innovative thinkers India has yet to explore and our festivals can supposedly provide them with that opportunity to come forward.

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