How to Spot the Right Brand for Franchising in Asia Pacific?

Each market within the region is different, so should be your strategy, says Joel Silverstein, President of East West Hospitality Group

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Former Features Editor, Entrepreneur Asia Pacific
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Over the past decade, the Asia-Pacific region has witnessed an exponential growth in franchising. Economic development and growth of population have perhaps been the biggest drivers for more demand for goods and services.

An increasing number of people from the West as well as those in the Asia Pacific region are on the lookout for franchising opportunities as it is becoming a preferred means of creating retail and distribution networks. When it comes to choosing a brand for franchising, however, people have to be mindful of the region they are targeting.

We spoke to Joel Silverstein, President of East West Hospitality Group, who is based in Hong Kong and has clients, as the company name suggests, throughout the East and West, at the Franchise India Expo 2018 to understand his strategy for choosing a brand. Here’s what he had to say.


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