A Team of 7 Handles 22,000 Influencers on This Platform, the Founder Credits Technology

Priyanka Gill believes digital influencers have their own place in the marketing ecosystem, they always had, they always will

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Former Associate Editor, Entrepreneur India
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Priyanka Gill, a British fashion journalist, entrepreneur and investor, started online community for women Popxo in 2006 and influencer marketing platform Plixxo in 2017.

In an interview with Entrepreneur India, she spoke about the rage that is influencer marketing.

Gill says the platform has 22,000 influencers of variant degrees on the platform; from Shenaz Treasurywala to girls in campuses who have more than a thousand odd followers on Instagram, brands use Plixxo for campaigns of all kinds.

“A brand will come to us and say that I want campus ambassadors to do this particular post for me. I want thousands of them. Or another brand might come and say I want ten super bloggers to do this particular campaign for me.’ So, we do all that by technology. It’s a team of 7 that handles 22 thousand influencers and tech make it possible,” reveals Gill.

Gill thinks influencer marketing has become a kind of a hot buzz. She believes influencer marketing done right will lead to greater brand awareness for particular brands. It will also lead to a more authentic association of the brand in the users’ mind, which is the kind of gold spot that we all are looking for as well. It is not as expensive as hiring a Bollywood star to endorse your brand.

Gill says she is the biggest cheerleader of Digital Media.

“Celebrities have their place and celebrities have their price and that will always be there. If I could get Anushka Sharma to endorse my brand of course I know that going to get eye balls and engagement but I know that comes at a price as well,” says the 38-year old founder.

She believes digital influencers have their own place in the marketing ecosystem, they always had, they always will.

“Digital influencers are among the bright brash up starts in the ecosystem. I think we are at a very interesting place where holistic campaign will have spaces for both. I think holistic campaign should have places for both because they serve different functions. All of us are influences today in a small or big fashion,” says Gill.

Gill thinks all of us are custodians of our own personal brands and no matter what job one is in, what job one is applying for, or what industry one is in or want to be in, curating their own social media profile, curating their own digital profile is a skill that is paramount to success.

“All of us should be cultivating it and using it in ways to further our careers, passions and it is not going away in any time,” says the Delhi-based angel investor.

Gill invests in lifestyle brands and early-stage technology start-ups. She is an investor in Bea's of Bloomsbury, a chain of cake shops in London, Yeildify, Campanja, SoundOut, and Raptor Supplies.

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