How Companies can Attract and Retain Top-level Executives

Traditional methods are no longer enough to land employees needed to build a successful team

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The way candidates are recruited now has changed. Part of the reason is that we are living in the digital age and technologies like artificial intelligence have transformed the way the human resource department works when it comes to scouting for talent. The other, bigger, part is that the current job market is 90 per cent candidate-driven, which means the HR professional doesn’t pick talent anymore, talent picks them.

As a result, finding and hiring job candidates ideal for a position, especially those for in-demand skills, has become hard, expensive and time-consuming. And that’s why there is a major shift going on in recruiting paradigm. Companies are treating candidates like customers.

New year, new change

In 2019 too, the search for the right talent will continue to transform. 

It will become imperative to create a positive candidate experience. This will yield better prepared candidates, referrals of other talent, and positive exposure for company and brand.

Experts and scientific evidence suggests that traditional methods no longer attract the talent needed for employers to build a successful team. Recruiters will have to continue to think outside the box while incorporating more strategic methods into their hiring efforts.

Marketing boost

Another aspect that needs to be dealt with to ensure a company attracts and retains top-level talent is strong recruitment marketing tactics. The company’s recruiting strategy and job postings should align with how job seekers are searching for roles. The strategy should be mobile friendly, as this medium is highly-used during job searching. Diversity is also essential as such teams are more productive, innovative, and engaged in the work of the company. So it’s vital that diversity is ingrained into hiring practices.

Use of data and technology should be kept in mind as they will streamline hiring efforts. They should be utilized to eliminate bias by asking specific questions and create assignments and assessments for candidates to gain insight into their communication, presentation, and social abilities.

To offer more insight into the recruitment trends of 2019, Jamie Hoobanoff, the founder and chief executive officer of executive recruitment and placement agency of The Leadership Agency, talks about what you should look forward to.

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