How to Build Strong Consumer Trust for Your Product in Market

Here's how you can win consumer trust and keep it intact to build your brand

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Former Correspondent, Entrepreneur Asia Pacific
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Blockchain has been a grey area in business, but in recent years the technology has seen a breakthrough in the market with a lot of entrepreneurs trying their hands on it.

One of them is Singapore-based Zhuling Chen, an MIT graduate and co-founder of Aelf, who sincerely wants to create a developer and consumer friendly blockchain operating system with high reliability.

According to Chen, “Blockchain is more than a technology.” He describes it as an exploration of how collective efforts are organized without a central body or a third party.  “It goes one step beyond digitalization, with a deeper look into the reward mechanism and governance model. This will ultimately redefine how business will be done in the 21st century,” believes Chen.

The company is the versatile business blockchain platform powered by cloud computing, which aims to cater to businesses across the world to transform the way they deliver their services and collaborate with one another.  The multi-blockchain structure of Aelf enables businesses to build their own DAPPS on their own chains with minimum effort, incorporating modern technologies to ensure the blockchain system achieves secure transactions at commercial scale.

In a conversation with Entrepreneur Asia-Pacific, Chen shares how he has built trust of consumers in the market for his blockchain-based platform, which is still a grey area for many consumers.

Watch the video to know what keeps it seamless!

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