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Emerging technologies are driving the disruption & Jetsynthesys is driving digital entertainment. Entrepreneur India explores how the makers of Sachin Tendulkar's official game are creating immersive experiences for online users

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Digital consumption is taking the front seat in every aspect of human life, from watching sports to general entertainment, finding jobs and astrological solutions, millennials strive to achieve it all through a click. Playing the same ole Mario on gaming consoles have become passé, youngsters crave the immersive experiences today, something that the advent of virtual & augmented reality has made possible.

In a bid to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing scenario of gaming and digital entertainment, the legacy-led Jetline Group underwent a complete transformation to build personalized solutions for catering the needs of young, emerging, mobile-friendly consumer class. Hence, marking the birth of Jetsynthesys, the digital entertainment and gaming company that strives to play a key role in the daily digital life of every individual in the country.

Unlike most family-run businesses, the company adopted a differentiated ‘digital’ DNA to leverage the power of technology and content together. Led by Rajan R Navani, the Vice Chairman & Managing Director of Jetline Group of Companies, India & USA, Jetsynthesys thrives to enrich the daily lives of Indians through the ABCD of India - Astrology, Bollywood, and Cricket & Devotion.

“Media, entertainment, sports, etc can be the foundation to deliver unparalleled daily experiences to the digital life of any individual,” Navani stresses. Their massive portfolio comprises of services in analytics, big Bollywood data, cricket celebrities, devotion, e-commerce entertainment, fashion FinTech, gaming, healthcare and more.

He strongly believes that the basic human needs of roti, kapada, makaan have now extended to bandwidth because “everybody wants connectivity today”. Taking his family philosophy ahead, Navani is making all efforts to cater to every aspect of human essentials by building businesses that ride on bandwidth and data.

With a product-first approach in mind, Navani is powering varied consumer-facing digital platforms, products and services with a deepened technology focus on digital marketing and data analytics not just in India but in MENA, SE Asia and the USA too. Among the differentiated products lying under the umbrella of Jetsynthesys is India’s first Multiplayer Virtual Reality Cricket Game - Sachin Saga.

The game allows the players to test their batting reflexes facing bowlers at over 150KPH delivering balls tracked with real-time physics from pitch to wicketkeeper. With high-end VR graphics, they can also experience real-time shadows and motion captures by the Master Blaster himself with over 28 unique cricketing shots.

During the game’s launch, the master blaster himself had said, “With VR, for the first time, the lines between gaming and real blur to give gamers an accurately simulated experience of the stadium, with real-time action right on their mobile screens.” Jetsynthesys is giving gamers an opportunity to step into the shoes of the Legend and relive some of his most memorable innings.

The popularity of the application can be made out through the fact that it has been downloaded by over 12 million users since its launch in 2017. To further engage Sachin Tendulkar’s fans from around the world, Jetsynthesys offers 100MB in association with SRT10 Sports, a multi-content platform that allows Sachin fans to get up close and personal with their icon.

For pushing new-age businesses further, Jetsynthesys invests strategically into tech-driven startups. Contrasting to what most funders consider while pumping capital into innovative businesses, the venture looks at investments as an opportunity to look at what is the DNA difference when it comes to the new age businesses and add value to the business structure by strengthening the operations.  

Talking about the strategy behind such investments, Navani shared, “Not only are we able to get a good return on investment, but we were also able to quickly adapt new understandings of consumer behaviour into our consumer-facing products.” With a deeper vision embedded in its core, the company strives to become a large digital player and not just a fragment of it.

In order to strengthen the core offerings to its consumers, “We deeply engaged with the startup ecosystem. We have a division called Jet Set Grow that looks at how do you build rapid scalability around new businesses in the digital world,” Navani shared. With the aspiration to build a platform as big as Google, he feels that gaming is the next big thing for India.

Technology empowers anyone and everyone in the world to find a right match, now just to establish a love relationship but work too. Taking inspiration from a Silicon Valley-based startup Jetsysthesys had invested in, it has launched a tinder-like platform for job seekers that match them with a suitable employee. Sonic Jobs is the first Virtual Recruiter in hospitality that helps to find the right candidates and jobs, instantly.

The major revenues for Jetsynthesys come through brands that are engaged with its consumers. Being able to monetize its assets has become a core reason for why the company shall go EBITDA positive this year. Navani is extremely positive that as the capita income increases and the ability to transact digitally become more acceptable, the platform will witness better monetization and engagement.

(This article was first published in the May issue of Entrepreneur Magazine. To subscribe, click here)


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