#Mental Health: Here's How You Can Identify Your Burnout & Save Yourself

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Is the hard work taking a toll on your mental health? Here’s how you can identify your burnout and save yourself:

What’s Burnout?

A burnout is a self-destruction due to expectations that are mythical in nature. Only if you take time out to stop and observe from the outside, will you acknowledge the miles covered. But if you don’t acknowledge these warning signs, like a cigarette butt, towards its fag end, you could burn out.

The Illusion

On the journey leading to burnout, you will feel like a parched man trying to quench his thirst in the desert. Mirages of ‘success’ will lure you to walk faster but internally these made up illusions of goals we fixate on, will deplete the very same energy that would be needed to participate in your own race.

Be vary!

Don’t identify the lack of fuel in your system as a sign of working hard. Working hard however does not equal working smart.

Cool Down

Do anything and everything you are working hard enough to achieve but in a smaller dose, just so you experience your reward. It is through the burnout that you will realize the biggest asset to your work, is you.

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