This Iced Tea Maker is Eyeing a Large Beverages Market in India

The Founder of Brewhouse is making a case for Indian consumers to shun colas and embrace the fusion iced teas that Brewhouse is brewing

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The Founder of Brewhouse is making a case for Indian consumers to shun colas and embrace the fusion iced teas that Brewhouse is brewing.

The startup that counts Burger Singh, a popular Indian fast food brand, among its first customers, is eyeing a large chunk of the beverages space.

“Burgers and colas have gone hand in hand for generations and fortunately when we placed our iced teas at Burger Singh, would you believe that the first month we outsold Pepsi?,” Siddharth Jain tells Entrepreneur India

With success at Burger Singh, Jain learnt that there is acceptance and the need for the product.

He believes if the product is good, price point matters and people want to experiment. They also want to upgrade what they want and it’s happening in all the FMG categories from chips to biscuits, ice creams etc

Jain is confident premiumization is happening, but also upgrade in terms of consumption.

The Brewhouse brand boasts of offering India’s first and only real-brewed bottled tea with 50-70 per cent lesser sugar content than most carbonated and juice-based drinks. It claims to have 6-6.5 per cent sugar and contains no preservatives, chemicals or artificial ingredients.


Jain thinks his brand has begun tasting success with first couple of clients like Burger Singh, The Khan Chacha in Delhi. “Our experience is really good and has given us the confidence to go into retail and really sort of go all in and now we are really looking to scale up. We started building retail in March of 2018 and 2019 is the critical year, says Jain.

He advises startups to go after a large market to sell their products. His top tips include:

As a startup, you would find a gap but the gap is there but if it is not large, it is important to find a market which is large.

If you have found an unmet need, that is one. Second is you have to be passionate – it has to be authentic, it needs to come from a vision because then it will help you to guide because you will have to make changes and people will tell you so many things and in this space there is no dearth of an expert advice.

If you don’t have a conviction of your own vision then you will get consumed.

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