4 Things Rahul Sharma Has to Say About Entering the EV Space

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E-mobility has caught the eyes of major automobile players around the globe. Especially with the government's focus on promoting the idea of a green nation, it has become a necessity for automakers to transit their fleet into eco-friendly vehicles. Following suit is Micromax co-founder, Rahul Sharma who has recently entered the automotive space with Revolt Intellicorp Pvt Ltd.

Passionate about the idea of bringing sustainable and affordable solutions to Indian customers, Sharma launched India's first artificial intelligence-driven motorcycle, Revolt RV400 last month. He's optimistic about electric vehicles (EVs) being the way forward for India to become a world power and welcomes new players to enter the space with innovative solutions.  

On the sidelines of Revolt RV400 launch, Sharma told Entrepreneur India 4 things that are driving his journey in the EV space:

1. Solving Critical Problems

Identifying problems which are critical and will have a mass effect in terms of their solutions excites us. Making products which will help consumers in day-to-day life is our philosophy. 

2. Innovation is Oxygen

Innovation is like oxygen for us. Whatever we make, if it can help the consumers in their daily lives and help them live better, that's the mantra.

3. Making Automobile Smart

The current industry is in a feature phone state where the product once sold is released to the end-consumer for usage. It is moving towards the smartphone wave, where you sell a product and the consumers start using it for various apps, videos, etc. That’s where the automobile industry is moving. 

4. Government Promoting Affordability

Not just the central government, even the state government is coming up with new EV policies. There's a lot of push from the government. The GST for EVs went down to 5 per cent from 12 per cent which is a great help to the consumers as it helps in reducing the price. 

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