4 Things to Know About Becoming an Intrapreneur

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Entrepreneurship has become a buzzword today. With the startup culture seeping into the minds of an economy that has been job-driven, establishing businesses has become possible for individuals that might not be coming from money but have the talent and skill to develop an enterprise.

However, a business is impossible to reach its destined position without a hard-working team. It is not possible to succeed without being supported by the group of individuals who are ready to take ownership and have the ability to become entrepreneurs within the organization.

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Off-late, there have been multiple conversations around the concept of intrapreneurs – those highly valuable executives who are given the authority and support to apply the essentials of entrepreneurship for running a department while still drawing a certain salary every month.

Rashmi Bansal, an Indian non-fiction writer and entrepreneur, has written about entrepreneurship in nine of her books but her tenth book – Shine Bright – caters to finding the gems who have taken various organizations to new heights while remaining employees.

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She strongly believes ‘When there is a sense of ownership – without being an actual owner – work becomes a Calling’, which once found can help people bloom and grow. On the sidelines of her book launch, she told Entrepreneur India 4 Things about becoming an Intrapreneur:

1. Be the Best You Can Be

Whatever the job you are given, just be excellent at it. If you are even at an entry-level position, do that job to the best of your ability and don’t peg yourself against your colleagues. Just be the best that you can be.

2. Be Humble, Always

Even if you have been very successful and have done something well, it should not go to your head for you to get a big ego.

3. Listen Before Talking

You have to be able to work with all kinds of people and understand their point of view. Be a very good listener, don’t just be a person who keeps talking but one listens to others.

4. Never Lose Sight of the Ultimate Goal

Even if you face the temporary rejection or setback, don’t let it depress you or take you off the path. Stay firm and believe in yourself, one day will come when you’ll be able to make those dreams you have come true.

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