Parenting Worries Made Sunny Leone & Daniel Weber Launch a Start-up Focused on Children

The Bollywood celebrity's search to find time for her children amid her hectic life and her daughter's interest in art let to the idea of D'Art Fusion

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Parenthood changes people. For this couple, parenthood led to entrepreneurship. Sunny Leone, one of India’s most googled celebrities, and her husband, Daniel Weber, launched children’s start-up-D’Art Fusion after becoming parents.

Leone has seen the glitz and glamour of the big screen. She is also aware that none of this is going to stay forever. She says, “Career in entertainment industry is short, especially for women. After a point, it goes south. For me, it has always been the ‘exist strategy’”.

Leone and Weber are parents to Nisha, 4, and twins Asher and Noah aged 2.

Grappling with worries of parenthood and her search to ease worries due to a hectic life, Leone and her husband Weber’s search started and ended when their daughter Nisha showed interest in art classes. This is when the couple decided to start D’Art Fusion in the centre of Juhu, Mumbai.

Parenthood & Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship helped Leone and Weber combine their passion for their children with something that all start-ups do—solve core issues.

Leone says this initiative was aimed at solving the gaps that she and her husband recognized and worried about for their own children, “We live in a world where there is pollution or not too nice people out there,” says Leone.

Weber believes that as parents, they want their children to explore avenues through which children learn to be “creative, use their minds and explore”. He further adds, “What 2-year-olds can do today is remarkable.”

He says, “I want them to do better. I want them to teach me.”

The couple is laser-focused on the aspect of delivering and not rely on their star power for the success of their start-up. Weber believes that parents today are looking at a combination of art and education which they will find in this setup created and owned by them. 

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