Have You Tried Online Fitness Services? Here's How It Can Help

The COVID-19 pandemic has let digital fitness providers do a bit of experiment with their usual services

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Health has emerged as the most important concern in the past few months. The pandemic, though, has prevented people from having much say with gyms, health studios, etc., closed, and people are looking for alternatives. The new norm is the world carrying out their work online. Work from home is the new normal. From education to telemedicine, everything has moved online, though gradually some of the things are moving back to normal. At the same time, this pandemic has open gates to new possibilities.

Everyone is now familiar with various android applications, websites, or YouTube channels that provide content (paid or free) to keep one fit. And people are flocking. According to Amaresh Ojha, founder and CEO of Gympik, “We saw a very positive response towards maintaining health online.” Gympik allows users to find gyms or fitness studios around them. This virtual provider is helping to keep up with fitness schedule.

This pandemic has let these digital fitness providers do a bit of experiment with their usual services. Lately, they have been providing different workout formats. Now users can have access to live workout sessions from the comfort and safety of their homes. “Now users can access all sorts of workout formats from any part of the world,” said Manan Chandan, the founder of HealthifyStudio (HealthifyMe). HealthifyStudio and HealthifyMe have got international trainers as well.

Even though all these benefits come with online fitness platforms, it was not quite popular among people before this pandemic. There is this misconception about fitness that you are not doing something that can keep you fit until you are working on some complicated machinery or lifting weights. Well, this notion is destroyed after this pandemic. According to Vaibhav Domkundwar, the founder and CEO of Better Capital, the pandemic has shown that there is no need for any fancy machinery to keep oneself fit. “All you need is motivation and persistence,” said Domkundwar of Better Capital which has invested in Fittr. 

All this motivation and other stuff are adequate. But why would people go for paying for these training sessions and live classes when there is a lot of content online that is free? Domkundwar said that a paid subscription for these online training sessions and live classes is worth it as it provides the right guidance, the right exercises, and the right motivation.

While online and free content can be available to you at just a click, one should remember that these online exercises are very generic and may or may not suit an individual.

While when you buy a subscription to these training content, they get you a personalized schedule for every individual. They provide you guidance with your postures and everything else. So, it can be quite beneficial to go for these paid options rather than everything over the Internet.

The Ojha and Chandan agree that at the beginning, that is when people enroll themselves in these programs, people are very enthusiastic and very regular; after a while, they attend for two or three days a week and few even drop out.

So, while these online training platforms are revolutionizing the fitness industry, there's a long way to go.


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