There Is Decoupling Between Available Technology And Organizations: Puneet Chandok

The president of Amazon Web Services India and South Asia believes that the technology which we now possess is moving at a fast pace but the skills and techniques which an organization need for it, are still lagging behind

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The world is moving at a brisk pace towards digital revolution. With the advent of COVID, digitization has become a necessity in each and every sector and this digitization has led to a growth in cloud computing or cloud technology, and this has become a significant part of our lives through innovations. Puneet Chandok, president, Amazon Web Services India and South Asia (AISPL), described all about it at Entrepreneur India’s Tech and Innovation Summit 2021.

Chandok, laid out three main questions which are important for innovation and cloud computing: if innovation has been around us for the longest time; what is different this time and why should you and I pay attention to it? What is the role of cloud and technology? How can cloud and technology become a force to drive innovation? What are the advices for businesses and leaders as they think about cloud and technology to drive innovation?

Chandok started with the core topic that why innovation and technology are different this time. “Democratization of the technology is driven by the cloud, the talks for democratization of technology have been going on for quite a long time but now it is here for real,” pointed out Chandok.

Another reason for paying attention towards this issue is ‘speed’. Speed is becoming the new cost. The value proposition of technology and cloud has never been clearer. Pandemic has now made technology a question for survival; it is a question for survival of business. Now the speed and urgency can be seen around technology and conversations have become more real, said Chandok.

Talking about digital roadmaps he said that things which were built in years are now being deployed in weeks.

“The age of the average is over,” emphasized Chandok; and now we are entering in the great decoupling; it means that the technology which we now possess is moving at a fast pace but the skills and techniques which an organization need for it, are still lagging behind.

Talking about talent, he said that talent can be accessed from anywhere in the world. As most of the business have gone virtual and most of them are becoming virtual which means that they can hire people, they can collaborate, they can buy, sell, and innovate all in a virtual manner.

Talking about how technology is becoming a force to drive innovation, he said, “Innovation to me is executing an idea which addresses a special challenge and delivers value to customers which will eventually drive value for you and your business; execution is not about making but about making things happen. Innovation is doing new things.”

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