Against All Odds: Australian Entrepreneur Pauline Nguyen On What It Means To Combine Spirituality And Entrepreneurship

"The life we live are the lessons that we teach, so we all have the responsibility to teach what we have learned."

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"The life we live are the lessons that we teach, so we all have the responsibility to teach what we have learned," said Pauline Nguyen about her work as the co-owner of Sydney-based Red Lantern, a best-selling author, and an entrepreneur behind The Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator Program.

Nguyen was featured in an episode of the Entrepreneur Middle East Live webinar series, Against All Odds, where she talked about how she built her strong work ethic, which set the stage for all of her future success.

From escaping a war-torn Vietnam as a toddler, Nguyen's family settled in Australia where her father started an F&B business which would later on, under the leadership of Pauline and her brother Luke, become the most awarded Vietnamese restaurant in the world Red Lantern.

Nguyen also became a best-selling author- her memoir, Secrets of the Red Lantern earned her a Newcomer Writer of the Year award at the Australian Book Industry Awards in 2008, while her latest book The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur won Best Entrepreneurship and Small Business Book Award at the Business Book Awards 2019.

On her Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator Program that offers a holistic spiritual toolkit for entrepreneurs, Nguyen said, "The spirituality that I teach is simply physics that is yet to be explained, how do I lead my life to remain in spirit and inspired, and that I am not weighed down with the toxicity and addiction to the emotions of the past? The spirituality that I teach allows you to remain so much in spirit and so much inspired that you live your life with more ease and less suffering."

Check out the video to hear more from Pauline Nguyen.

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