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Find Your Perfect Side Hustle

Take the quiz and find your perfect side hustle in mimutes. Or search the directory with over 100 side hustles that you can start today.
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Digital Curriculum for Find Your Perfect Side Hustle
  • Worksheet & Plan documents for each unit to help you craft your strategy and put it into action
  • Ready-to-use template for your Business Plan
  • Easy-to-use templates for your foundational financial documents: Forecast, Budget and P&L
  • Bonus Unit ‘Failure’ to help strengthen your resiliency and inspire your risk-taking
  • Appendix with important business resources
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Kathleen Griffith

Kathleen Griffith

Founder & CEO, Grayce & Co
Kathleen works with Fortune 500 brands and leading early stage growth companies to create future-proof, women-centric business strategies. A champion of women's causes, Kathleen serves on the committee of Cannes Lions' 'See It Be It'. Kathleen has received a Cannes Gold Lion and an Effie and been featured as a 'Leading Woman In Business' by the Huffington Post, 'Creative Innovator' by Conde Nast, IBM Think Leader, Women in the World entrepreneur, on Entrepreneur TV and the BBC's Apprentice.
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Find your perfect side hustle.
Take the quiz and find your perfect side hustle in minutes. Or, search the directory with over 100+ side hustles that you can start today.
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What felt like an overwhelming front of marketing options and tasks has been created into an organized plan, tailored to my specific business needs, that feels comfortable, attainable and indispensable.
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