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You've already paid for them, and they don't do any good stashed in a drawer. Here are some ways to capitalize on your business cards:

  • Post your business cards anywhere they're allowed--libraries, colleges, supermarkets.
  • Get creative with your cards. If you're a private eye, for instance, how about slipping them between the pages of books in the local law library?
  • Never pass up a chance to pass out your cards. Whenever you pay for gas or make a purchase in a store, if you think the salesperson could use your product or service or might know someone who could, give him or her your card.
  • Include business cards when you pay bills by mail. You never know whether the person opening your bill might need your service.

You can benefit from potential customers' business cards, too. Here's how: Contact a local restaurant or business that complements yours. Ask if you can place a fishbowl near the cash register. (If necessary, barter your service or product in exchange.) Post a sign on the fishbowl inviting customers to drop in their business cards to be included in a weekly (or daily) drawing for a prize.

If you run a catering service, for example, the grand prize winner could get 50 percent off a catered dinner party. Offer 15 percent off the first order to anyone who enters. Once you collect the cards, start calling to remind participants about the discount.

Contact Sources

JSL Publicity and Marketing, (800) 575-3263, JudySL@aol.com

Paris Graphics, 1408 Fairbanks Dr., Hanover, MD 21076, (410) 519-5388

The Sequoia Group Inc., SEQUOIA_GROUP@msn.com

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